Pokorný & Matějka


The law office Pokorný & Matějka was established in the year 1999 and has the following members: JUDr. Miroslav Pokorný, a lawyer engaged in the legal profession since 1991, and JUDr. Petr Matějka, a lawyer engaged in the legal profession since 1996. We can offer in particular the flexibility and personal approach, very good knowledge of the Czech law and the legal issues with international elements.

Since 1999 we have been providing a wide scope of legal services aimed at the commercial law, especially at establishment and alteration of any corporate forms including mergers, acquisitions, divisions, liquidations and transformations of legal forms, administration and collection of receivables, unfair competition issues, protection of economic competition and complete contracting services. We take for granted that our services include consulting in the sphere of labour law, real estate law and intellectual property law. In performing our activities we closely cooperate with the stable range of selected notaries, executors, certified experts, auditors, tax advisors and patent agents, thanks to which we are able to ensure full legal service.

We communicate proactively in foreign languages, especially in English and German, as an inevitable element of high-quality legal services. We acquired the knowledge of languages during long-term educational stays abroad. Our clients include in particular the subsidiaries of foreign companies and international concerns, especially from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, USA and also from Slovakia. Therefore we normally cooperate with law offices in countries mentioned above.